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Civil.am is a project of the Civilitas Foundation. The Civilitas Foundation works to strengthen civil society, reduce rural poverty, promote discourse, advance cooperation and raise awareness about issues of concern to Armenia and Armenians.

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Բեռնեք հայերեն դիմումաձևը, լրացրեք այն և հետ ուղարկեք մեզ info@civil.am հասցեով: Մենք կթարգմանենք այն և կտեղադրենք civil.am կայքում:
Post your announcement

Civil.am offers a forum to all civil.am registered organizations to post announcements of the following categories on the site:
1. NGO events
2. Success stories (accompanied with supporting documentation to evidence the accomplishment)
3. Fundraising activities
This promotes the visibility of NGOs, encourages cooperation and partnerships between organizations and supports fundraising activities within Armenia’s NGO community.

Civil.am will not only publish announcements on the site, but will also distribute  a bi-weekly E-update newsletter through the civil.am network of  NGOs.

For more information about this service call Civilitas Foundation at 500 119.

Support an organization

Do good work

1. Do you want to invest in Armenia's people?
2. Do you want to strengthen Armenia's civil society?
3. Do you want Armenia's organizations to plan and act independently?
4. Do you want to avoid wasting resources?
5. Do you want to prevent duplication?

Browse Civil.am to better understand what is already being done. Identify potential partners. Contact them to explore the possibilities of cooperation. Support existing programs to increase efficiency. Encourage new programs to foster development. Expect accountability to instill transparency.
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Gain greater visibility

1. Do you invest in Armenia's people?
2. Do you work to strengthen Armenia's civil society?
3. Do you want to gain additional or alternative funding?
4. Do you want to expand your capacity and prevent unnecessary duplication of effort?
5. Are you committed to a stronger, healthier society?

Register at Civil.am so that your projects receive greater visibility. Share information about your work -- upload photos, videos, reports, publications -- so that potential partners contact you for collaboration and avoid duplication. Show the world what you do and expand your base of support and cooperation.

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